Testing job applicants in Norway

Testing job applicants in Norway

At the request of Ferrospes AS (Norway), for the purpose of employment, in August 2019 in the Training Center of JSC “PTEM” was conducted testing of theoretical knowledge and practical skills of candidates for employment in the professions “assembler”, “welder”.

Installers testing program:

  • welding tube-plate corner specimens by welding method 141 (TIG) at the pH position;
  • ability to read isometric drawings on the installation of pipelines.

Welder testing program:

  • welding of butt welds of pipe specimens made of Super Duplex steel by welding method 141 (TIG);
  • non-destructive testing of test specimens by visual and radiographic methods.

Testing was performed using modern welding equipment “ESAB”, “Fronius” in accordance with the requirements of the Customer and technological instructions for welding (WPS). Candidates who have confirmed their qualifications have been given the opportunity to work for Ferrospes AS.